Mission Ministries

Missionary Circle – Missionary Circle, Dr. Janice Smith Coaxum, President, prayj9@yahoo.com
The following are the various missionary groups. If you wish to join one, please contact Dr. Smith:

• Missionary Group Lydia
• Missionary Group Ruth & Young Adults
• Missionary Group Claudia
• Missionary Group Deborah
• Missionary Group Dorcas
• Missionary Group Hannah
• Missionary Group Anna
• Missionary Group Lois
• Missionary Group Priscilla
• Missionary Group Eunice

Laymen’s League – This ministry promotes Christian fellowship and to build spiritual relationships among men. Assists men of the church in becoming spiritual leaders and providers an avenue of outreach to men in the community. The Laymen’s League has been a part of First Baptist Church for over 100 years. The objective of the league is to enlist and coordinate the manpower of FBC for the effective performance of essential Christian activities. Over the years the Laymen have been responsible for the annual men’s day program and more recently sponsoring the Imani project.

Stephens Ministry – This ministry equips lay-people to provide one-to-one Christian care to people in our congregation and community who are experiencing difficulties in their lives. This is a confidential ministry. The identity of those receiving care and everything they discuss with a Stephen Minister remain private.