Community Outreach

Our outreach ministries provide services for our surrounding communities as well as reaching abroad… Learn more


This ministry maintains the physical plant of the church… Learn more

Christian Education is the moral and spiritual instruction of believers in general and of children in particular as it trains…  Learn more

Mission Ministry – This ministry promotes Christian fellowship and to build spiritual relationships among men. Assists men…  Learn more

Deacons – First Baptist Church members make up this devoted Ministry team. They are members of high moral… Learn more 

Sunday School – Precedes Sunday worship service at 10:15 am. 

Youth Ministry – Our Purpose is to equip our youth with the knowledge of Christ surrounding them with the unconditional… Learn more 

Trustees – are responsible for handling most of the financial aspects of operating the church. They… Learn more 

Music and Arts ministry – are a team of faithful and committed singers and musicians that exist to worship Christ; as we lead the… Learn more